The Consortium is continually seeking like-minded organizations and individuals to help address outstanding challenges, increase access to speech recognition based accessibility solutions, and bring new knowledge and expertise into our network.  Membership is open to post-secondary institutions, non profits, and related associations and organizations.

Partners have made a tangible commitment to researching and developing new technologies, techniques, and knowledge, collaborating through research agreements that outline technology licensing, sublicensing permissions, inventions and intellectual property. Partners work together to identify research and development strategies and drive future applications.

Consortium Partners contribute to our mission in multiple ways and have identified the following institutional responsibilities:

  1. Demonstrate a philosophical commitment to overall mission and goals
  2. Formalize the relationship with the Consortium through institutional signature
  3. Appoint and empower the work of an organized, multidisciplinary team
  4. Engage organizational stakeholders to participate in Consortium activities
  5. Implement Liberated Learning technologies using Consortium standards and best practice
  6. Exhibit willingness to work within and help expand the existing research framework
  7. Make an active contribution at the overall level, including annual meetings and strategy
  8. Share findings, discoveries, and challenges on an ongoing, interactive basis
  9. Provide the necessary operating resources to support Consortium activities
  10. Contribute to Liberated Learning infrastructure through an initial and annual  fee

Associate Members
Associate members participate primarily as information consumers, gaining access to a wealth of online information and interacting with Consortium Partners.  Although Associate institutions do not license any technologies through their membership, they do have an opportunity to submit a number of multimedia files for transcription to provide their institution with real life examples of speech recognition based captioning/transcription.  From time to time, Associate Members may be invited to participate directly in Strategic Initiatives.

Get Involved

  • Become a Partner – Complete a brief application including your proposed contributions, what you want to achieve through membership, and research / project interests.  Contact to complete your application.