Recognizing the need to engage community based stakeholders in ongoing development, the Liberated Learning Consortium initiated partnerships with four of Canada’s leading National Disability Organizations. Through support from Canada’s Social Development Partnership’s Program (SDPP), a group of diverse partners are collaboratively increasing use of speech recognition (SR) captioning/transcription technologies by citizens with disabilities.

Believing access to speech recognition could potentially empower youth and drive change, students with disabilities in Canadian universities and colleges are testing the latest Hosted Transcription Services.  Participants are given accounts that allow them to upload recorded lectures (audio or video) and receive speech recognition generated, multimedia transcripts for review.

National Disability partners are also exploring innovative speech recognition applications that improve access for their membership.  Project partners are testing various communication and accessibility focused applications, such as using SR for one-on-one captioning, for accessible group presentations, and for everyday applications such as email and instant messaging.


Project Partners
Saint Mary’s University, Trent University, IBM Research, Easter Seals Canada,  Neil Squire Society, Canadian Hard of Hearing Association, Learning Disabilities Associate of Canada, Learning Disabilities Associate of Saskatchewan, National Educational Association of Disabled Students

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