Classroom Testing

In 1998 Saint Mary’s University became the first institution to use speech recognition to caption and transcribe live courses.   Through this world first pilot,  the Liberated Learning Consortium emerged as a living lab for researching and developing speech recognition applications. Ongoing classroom testing is vital to creating  a set of best practices and standards that guide implementation and classroom use.









The objective of classroom testing is to provide benefits for students and faculty while increasing our understanding of how speech recognition improves access to information.  Each semester Consortium members use speech recognition in various traditional, blended, and elearning courses with active students and faculty.

In some courses, speech recognition is used to caption live speech and display real time text for students. Speech recognition can run as a background application, digitizing a recorded lecture and automatically creating a searchable transcript for review and study purposes. Instructors/course developers can use speech recognition to create accessible learning modules that enhance blended learning designs.

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