The Liberated Learning Consortium is a group of international partners working to improve information accessibility through speech recognition technology.  Consortium members actively contribute to research and develop new technologies, techniques, and knowledge. Partner institutions also participate at an overall decision-making level to identify priorities and strategies that fuel innovation and advance the state of the art.

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Saint Mary’s University, Canada
Algonquin College, Canada
Trent University, Canada
University of Toronto, Canada
Neil Squire Society, Canada
IBM Research, USA
IBM Human Ability and Accessibility Center, USA
Nuance Communications, USA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Purdue University, USA
University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA
Australian National University, Australia
Macquarie University, Australia
University of Western Sydney, Australia
University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Universität Ulm, Germany
Hiroshima University, Japan

Associate Members
California State University Northridge, USA
York University, Canada
Cape Breton University, Canada
Charles Darwin University, Australia
Sheffield University, UK